Saturday, April 24, 2010

I love my husband

So, I know it's obvious, but I really do love my husband. We have always been a strong couple, but this deployment has really shown us how strong we really are. He sends me the sweetest emails and letters you could ever read. It just makes me feel good to be loved by someone as much as he loves me. It's crazy. I can't wait until he is finally home and we can be normal again. It can't come soon enough.

Things are starting to move along with the whole moving back to Washington thing. Well, I say that yet I haven't really made any progress. I almost had a house a week and a half ago, but then the lady sold it. I applied for a house in Dupont, but now we are thinking it doesn't really work for us. Then I called about a few other places, but have been disappointed over and over again. For example, no fenced yard even though it says fenced yard, people have decided not to rent but rather to sell, or the house is already taken. I finally found a place that I think would be perfect for us. I called and asked if it was available, they said yes, so I started getting all excited, sent in an application, they said everything looked good but we'd know for sure in 24 hours, then about 5 minutes later I get a call saying there was a miscommunication and they had promised another couple the first showing of the house on Monday at 10am. So, now I gotta wait until then to find out. Meanwhile, I have tried getting another house lined up. I guess I wouldn't mind the backup house and I'm prepared for it since i've been let down so far. It's in a really nice neighborhood, smaller, but cheaper. It doesn't have a real yard, it has a patch of grass and patio that is fenced in, but it is right next to a couple parks and trails, so it'd be nice for us.

I just want it to be over so I can start making more plans. I need to book movers, get a trailer for the truck, book flights, pack things, and who knows what else, I have a very long list. I know I still have to figure out how to get from the airport to the storage unit to get my car. I'm gonna have to jump it so I'll need someone with a car and jumper cables, even though I might have some in the car, I'm not sure.

Well, I'll go now, just wanted to share a little.

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