Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Job search?

So I took the plunge and started searching for my first teaching job, a little late, but that's what happens when you're super indecisive like me. Anyway, it has taken me FOREVER just to get everything together I need to apply for anything, holy cow, I didn't know how extensive this process was. But today FINALLY 1 week before school starts I officially turned in two applications, now I'm still waiting on my Washington License and a couple of reference forms from my former supervisors, (yes they have to fill out this whole checklist thing about my teaching skills and send it in to the districts confidentially) and all the districts require it and there is no way around it. Apparently letters of recommendation and phone calls to references just doesn't cut it these days, it was a pain just to get updated letters of recommendation from my references, geez. Anyway, I also had to get my transcripts, freakin IU and charging freakin 10 bucks a piece. Oh, and IU had to fill out this form and fax it and mail it into the licensing place, they got the fax but not the hard copy yet, ugh. Anyway, filling applications sucks big time and I kinda hate that everything is online now, I feel like just a number and not a person anymore, but what can you do. I took so long to finish applying that all the real jobs are gone, there are some little jobs, but no full time teaching, so I'll probably end up having done all this for nothing. Oh, did I mention that I had to get fingerprinted for 70 bucks? Crazy. Oh and its 55 bucks for my license. It's expensive to apply for a job!Even if I were to get an interview or job I'll have to find a daycare or something for Abigail. I really don't think I'll be driving all the way to post and then back again each morning and Vinnie goes in too early to take her, so that's just something I'll have to figure out I guess. I'm thinking about sending in a letter of inquiry and resume to Tutor Time and Mini Skool as well, that way Abigail could be there with me and I'd get a discount, I could do pre-K or something, that'd be alright. I'm really not caring about the money so much as I just feel like I need to do something with my degree, I worked really freakin hard in college and I have nothing to show for it and I would like to get the experience. I actually majored in El Ed because I wanted to be a teacher, so yeah, I want to do it and I get the sudden urge ALL the time, it's crazy, this time I acted upon it, I just wish I would have started sooner, I might have been able to get my own classroom. So, who knows what the future holds for Mrs. Rinas....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Should we stay or should we go?

So, again, I don't have enough time to really write, but I just wanted to get something down. Lately the convo of staying in the Army or getting out is becoming more and more important. It is a really hard decision, so many pros and cons and ifs in every option. Let me see if I can break it down...

We really want to live in Chicago...someday, I would LOVE it! Of course being in the Army doesn't really offer that option, so if we want to live in Chicago now, easy answer, get out, BUT could/would Vinnie be able to find a job? Would we be able to afford a condo/house? (We still have quite a bit of debt) would I be able to get a teaching job that would pay enough to offset daycare in CHICAGO and pay my loans back? I would also need to transfer my teaching license and take at least another test so I can be certified in Middle school subjects..at least social studies. Also, I feel like going this route would get us stuck and Vinnie would probably never get a chance to go to law school like he has always wanted to so that would stink.

We COULD live at home while Vinnie goes to law school, that way we could save some money and I could also try to get a job and get the experience and use my Indiana license which would be a plus. But, we all know how crappy living at home was for me...

We could also get a cheap apartment and Vinnie could go to law school and I could see if I could work, just sucks with the dogs...

Of coarse all the above options involve me going back to work which I'm not totally sure I want to do yet, but at times I really do want to, but I don't know.

So, Vinnie could stay in, this would allow us time to save up money for all the things we want to do...

We aren't sure what the commitment is if he stays in and goes to Captains Career Course, but probably a few years which of course put us at risk for another deployment. I could also start teaching while Vinnie is in the Army, that would definitely help with the debt. There is a lot of "security" with staying in the Army, you can't beat the insurance and other benefits, and I'd be worried about losing all of those things, there is no guarantee of any job outside the Army.

Vinnie wants to apply for a program through the Army that would pay for him to go to law school, problem is they only take about 15 people each year, so it is pretty selective. But, if he were to get in it would be awesome.

well, I'm tired so I'm not going to finish this tonight, but if anyone has any thoughts let me know!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some more Hawaii

Hopefully I
I'll add pictures but for now I'll just discuss a few things we did. We flew Alaskan Airlines early in the morning to Oahu, Abigail did awesome, of course she is an awesome little one and flying in planes is second nature now. We got there and checked into the Waikiki Marina Resort at the Illikai, which I would recommend to anyone, full kitchen, on the part of Waikiki that isn't super crowded, close to shopping and you get picked up first for everything. It was WAY cheaper than the Hale Koa, which we frequented for the PX, so it was a good deal.

We had a few beach days, we also went to Paradise Cove for a luau which was awesome (for our anniversary), we also went to the zoo the same day, we went to the aquarium, pearl harbor, USS Arizona Memorial, Dole Plantation, North Shore, the Blow Hole, A lot of really awesome lookouts, Diamond Head, yes I hiked all the way up with Abigail strapped to me! We hung out with Vinnie's cousin, had some really great dinners and did some shopping in several shopping centers including the International Market. We did a lot and there is more to write, but my pizza will be here soon so got to go!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, I haven't been much of a blogger since Vinnie's been home, but there isn't too much time to do it and not too much to report on except we just got back from Hawaii and it was an awesomely awesome trip. I would go into detail, but there is just too much, but it was great.

Vinnie still has some leave time so we are just relaxing at home most of the time, tomorrow we are going to try to play some basketball and maybe some soccer, we'll see how Abigail enjoys it.

Hopefully later I'll have more time to write about Hawaii because I'd really like to get all the stuff down that we did.

Ok, not much of a post, but I'm trying to at least update a little bit! Bye!