Thursday, April 8, 2010

So confused

So, I have been having this back and forth dilemma regarding my dogs for quite awhile now. Just thinking about doing another move with the dogs is making me tired. Plus, Vinnie and I are going to want to take a trip and we'll either have to board them all or get a pet-sitter or something. If we were normal, like we had planned to be when we got the dogs, I could handle them, we wouldn't be living across the country wanting or needing to come home every once in awhile or have to move because the Army says so or desperately need a vacation because we have been separated for a year. But, that's not what happened. I LOVE my dogs, I really do, I wish I were a better owner, but things just haven't gone the way we thought they were going to go when we went crazy and ended up with three dogs. If only we had stopped at Hoosier things would be ok, but Yoda was so irresistibly cute, I'm not kidding and I know we saved Charles from being euthenized, no one wanted him and it was so sad. We really shouldn't have gotten a third dog but really the difference of 2 and 3 isn't much. One dog would be so much easier. I just don't want to give them up forever because i know someday we will be settled again and be normal and then I would want my puppies back. I wouldn't want a stranger to have them because I'd be scared they'd end up at a shelter. I just need a couple friends or family members to take one or both of my doggies into their home. They are good dogs, for real. It would be like an open adoption, I want to be able to see pictures and stuff and then if I feel i'm ready to have them back I could come get them. I know that isn't really realistic. That's why it's so frustrating. Well, that's all i'm gonna write tonight, i need to go to sleep i'm so tired but thoughts of everything keep running through my mind and I can't settle down!

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