Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Off Week...

This is from my WW blog, but thought I'd share here
I have made goal, but this week reminded me that is isn't ALWAYS easy to stay on track, but I do know I can get back on, to recap the week...
So, my weigh in day is Tuesday, I always pig out afterward, it's just what I do, it usually has no effect on my weight loss and allows be to really indulge on whatever I want for a night, I think it actually is helpful because typically, during the week I will want something bad and say to myself, save it for Tuesday, well, I can only have so much on Tuesday so I know I am saving myself a lot of not so good options by doing it this way, anyway, I am going to list the day of the week and the not so good choices I made this week, because, I was really bad...

Tuesday...KFC 3 pieces of chicken (2 fried, 1 grilled) mashed potatoes w/gravy and cole slaw

Wednesday...KFC leftovers and buttery popcorn (went to the movies, got a small popcorn, but then got a refill :( Oh I almost forgot, went to Olive Garden and had soup, salad, breadsticks, only one breadstick, otherwise not too bad, but again, I would normally only do this if I had saved points and had been on point all week.

Thursday... Decided for some reason I deserved something not good from BK, had a tendercrisp and fries, wasn't really worth it, but brought back memories from college, reminded me of sitting at the IMU watching Sportcenter and bowling class while studying for my next class..I miss IU...anyway, I realize I prefer McDonald's fries...I also went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant...love Mexican food, wasn't my choice to go there, family was celebrating, otherwise I would have been smarter during the day, anyway, I had shrimp fajitas, so not too bad, avoided the cheese and sour cream, but had a generous helping of chips and salsa

Friday...I was pretty good, until my dad ordered pizza for dinner, which still isn't that bad, but not so good considering how the week was going

Saturday...went to lunch with my mom at Red Robin, yep had a chicken Burger and fries, not the first time I have had this meal while on WW, but usually I have been pretty on point during the week

Sunday...Mother's Day, my first, so I convinced myself I could have whatever I want. For some reason we had a Chinese potluck at my grandma's house around 12, so yep ate all that including an eggroll and a few crab rangoons, lots of rice too. Then I went out to dinner with my family at Longhorn Steakhouse. Normall I avoid appetizers and bread, etc, but like I said I had convinced myself that this week was already dead so I at a lot of Texas Tonion, had some bread WITH BUTTER! my entree was a Filet Mignon and sweet potato, not so bad.

Monday..Pretty good during the day besides the McDonald's fries I had with my salad lol. At night, of coarse it was pizza again (my family loves that stuff) and I ate 3 pieces of pepperoni pizza ad half a breadstick

So, looking back I cant believe I let myself go. My family eats out A LOT as you can tell, usually not a problem, I have never gone a week without losing weight, I don't know what I'll weigh tonight, but I may have to use that no weigh in pass, I'm almost at Lifetime too, I will be back on, starting tonight, I'm gonna have healthy pig out tonight instead of eating junk...thinking Jimmy John's? Well, wish me luck on getting back on track!

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