Friday, October 29, 2010

OMG what is my deal?

Sometimes I seriously annoy myself and drive myself crazy. Why can't I just be happy with what I have right now? Anyway, I got another response from a different Mini-Skool and set up a phone interview for tomorrow. So, I have been preparing for it all night and now I'm thinking I don't really want this. I don't want to say goodbye to little Abigail while I go play with someone else's kids, that just seems stupid. It's be different if I HAD to work, of course this would be the ideal job since Abigail and I would be in the same building. I know in my last post I said I regretted not calling the last person back and that's why I decided to respond to this one, but I just don't know iff I want it and that will probably come off in the interview, AND IT'S ON THE PHONE!!!!!! UGHHHHHHH and I really don't think I want to change other kid's diapers, I mean it's different when it's your own kid's poo.
I guess it doesn't hurt to do the interview right? Good practice. But, why leave Abigail, I can't get the image of saying bye to her out of my head, it's making me sad.

On another note the boys are going to be adopted. They are coming to get them Sunday and so yep, I'm sad, but I think they will be happier. I'm tired now, I hope I get this figured out.

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