Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So, I googled FiberOne bars and gas because I had heard they can cause some major gas. The thread I found was very entertaining. i thought I'd copy one of the posts here because I was laughing out loud. The post is called "500 farts in one day"

The other night my roommate and I were extremely hungry. As we search our empty cabinets we came across the devil in disguise, Fiber One Chocolate Chip Bars. We are not sure how they got there but we went in for the kill. To our surprise it was some of the most tastiest snacks to hit our lips. After we devoured our first bar we quickly moved on to our second. Before the night was over I had sucked down 3 while my roommate hit up 5.

The next morning our assholes were blowing more gas than Mobil. It was AMAZING!!!! Never before did I think human can fart as much as I did. I’m a teacher and literally had to run out into to the hall, fart real quick and go back in and finish the lesson. Along with that I was crop dusting the shit out of my students, and making them take the blame for the stink. My roommate experienced similar issues. He works in close quarters to other co-workers and unfortunately they experienced the wrath of Fiber One as well. He tried to hold it in as best as possible, but it’s like trying to plug an erupting volcano. We couldn’t believe it!!!! By the end of the day, we estimated that we farted over 500 times combined. No joke whatsoever - I have absolutely no reason to lie about such an embarrassing day in my life.

If you don’t believe me, then put yourself to the test. I personally dare you to try having 3 of these bad boys, or better yet shoot for 6. This is no fucking joke, I seriously thought I had to go to the emergency room.

Happy farting!!

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