Saturday, July 10, 2010

53 weeks

This is starting to get cruel. I do realize of course things could be worse, and people have had it worse (3 month extension for example, my brother being one of those), but usually people are aware of the 3 month extension well in advance and you just accept it. Well, today mark 53 weeks since my husband left for Afghanistan. Is it wrong to be jealous and even slightly angry everytime I get an email about homecomings and see names of people who left well after my husband? He left with the first main body and I cannot believe he is still there, they've had like 9 main bodies come home already. People who only did half deployments are already coming home and people who left in August are already home.

I am jealous and this blog is mostly a jealous rage!

And no offense to single soldiers, but shouldn't soldiers with wives and children come home first? I mean, my husband left one month before Abigail was born and came home for R and R when she was a month old for 2 weeks. I found out some guys got to come home for the birth for E-leave and THEN also got 2 weeks R and R later on, ugh. Last time he saw her she was just a little tiny baby and now she is ready to walk and I'm trying to keep her from walking so he can see it, and then he gets pushed back... It has been 10 months since I have even seen my husband, other guys haven't even deployed for that long AND they got R and R, AND they are coming home before my hubby! Those guys should have to wait, sorry, I know I shouldn't say that, but this is a blog and I'm allowed to write how I feel, right?

Anyway, I'm hoping that if I complain and just expect him not to be home for awhile, then I will finally get the call that he's coming.

Well, I am done for now, maybe I'll get the call tonight?

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  1. Hey! That is so crazy, it's a small Army, isn't it? I did a thing for the group Run to Remember, and one girl I met follows my blog {with 1-17}. Crazy! Well it's nice to met you, I feel ya with all of these flights coming in! It seems to be taking forever, and with rumors of flight delays it can make one crazy!!