Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He's back!

Well, I'm too lazy to post pictures right now, but HE'S BACK! 377 days too late too me. so he wasn't the last flight, there was one after him, but pretty close. It's terrible that the Army doesn't know how to get guys back in time. I know the Army is never fair, but it's kind of ridiculous. He's back and then went right back to work while others enjoyed a lovely DONSA. Oh and of course he doesn't get leave until the 28th now instead of the 23rd, why? Because they got back later. Just stupid.

Anyway, I shouldn't complain, he's home, he's here and everything is awesome. Abigail took to Vinnie awesomely. The homecoming was very late and Abigail was super tired, but she didn't cry at all when she saw Vinnie and she let him hold her no problem.

He's been very hands on with her and she adores him. It is really great. I'm hoping we will get some time to relax, we are going to Hawaii so that should help, but I can't believe he is already back at work :/

I can't wait to get our pictures! I took "deployment" pictures with a professional photographer and also had homecoming pictures with another photographer, FOR FREE! I am really excited to see the pictures since I only got a couple taken with my iPhone.

Well, I'm going to go rest now and get ready for Vinnie to be home in maybe 3 hours...:/ 4pm, retarded, ok I said I was done complaining,
byebye for now!

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  1. I'm so glad he's home! He's on the half day schedule, right? I'm guessing if he's getting home at 4, that he's doing the afternoon reintegration training? James had the morning training, but I know it's one or the other. Bummer he missed the DONSA. James did too right after he got back. Because reintegration training takes precedence, you miss out on any days off while finishing that. One perk is that the guys at least get the weekends off while doing the final training now. During OIF 2, they went to the trainings straight through, no days off even on the weekends. Crazy, huh?

    Because he's starting his leave later, he should finish his leave later too. That happened to us too when James got delayed. They hopefully will at least do that for him. They have to make sure the guys finish up all of the final things before they can take leave. Bummer it's later than you planned, though! :(

    Glad the transition went well with Abagail!