Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ok, so I'm not even one to talk because I know I didn't think about these things while I was pregnant, but I have become aware and now I have to make other aware. If you are pregnant, or have had a healthy baby, please cherish it! There are people around you all the time who either cannot get pregnant or are angel mommies, they would give anything to be in your shoes no mater how tough it is. I'm not direction this at one person in particular, it's just been bothering me. I see these shows on TV and I can't believe some of these people! The worst show, which i don't watch, but I know it's out there is called something like, "Pregnant and..." and that is usually followed by "in jail" or "on meth" Should these shows even be on TV? I understand it's reality and blah blah blah, but it's horrific. There are people out there who do everything perfect by the book and lose their babies and then you have these pyschos who have perfectly fine babies, maybe they have some withdrawl but the babies survive and these people get to be mothers! Another show is "I didn't know I was pregnant" I have to admit, when i first saw the show I thought it was funny, I mean how can you not know you're pregnant? I guess I "might" understand some of the very obese girls or the lady who had her tubes tied, but otherwise come on, give me a break. Anyway, 9 out of 10 times these ladies have perfectly healthy babies, and they didn't even know they were pregnant. It's ridiculous, I mean, all the worrying and careful measures that pregnant women go through and some of those women tragically lose their precious babies and these people smoke, drink, do whatever they want and oh whoops I just had a healthy baby! Other shows about multiples also make me angry, not at the people, just the situation in general, and I know the ones on TV are the ones who have happy ending and tragically most multiple births don't turn out that way, but these people have 6 babies and they all end up fine?!? Come on! Finally, my guilty pleasure, 16 and pregnant, I'm back and forth on this show, but usually I'm ok with it. Today Abigail decided to put on MTV and I was too lazy to change it and they had a marathon of sorts. Well, I saw one episode from last season that now almost makes me want to puke, I mean before when I saw this part in the episode I just kept it as a mental note (I was pregnant at the time) I was telling my friend about it when we were talking about her baby girl not too long ago, but actually seeing the episode again made me want to cry. Nothing the parents did or anything, just the situation, she went in fr her 39 week checkup and the doctor was going through those same ol questions that they go through those last few weeks and she asked "and baby's moving good?" and she said something like "not as much as before" and the doctor said "the baby should keep about the same level of activity all the way to birth" so she had her hooked up to a NST and another doctor came in and said he didn't like the way the baby was responding so they were going to induce labor. She ended up having a c-section and the baby actually ended up having a genetic liver problem (not sure if it's related) but anyway, why does that whole scene make me ill? My friend knows why, and I'll just leave it there, but it's similar to the reasons that the shows where babies are delivered before 37 weeks make my stomach hurt, I just get this ache in my heart, not for me but for my friend and all others who lost their beautiful babies. Man, this post is a debbie downer, but I had to get it out. I'm debating whether or not to put it on facebook to remind all my preggo friends out there to suck it up and cherish it. grrrr.....

-Friend, I really hope this post is not upsetting, I have no intention of upsetting you or make you questions yourself, your doctors or anything, I know you can't go back or change anything that happened, just know I think about you, your husband and your little one everyday and well, i just want you to know that.

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  1. You're very thoughtful. No worries, though. It's upsetting that these shows are even on, but your post isn't upsetting. I used to watch them while pregnant with Liv and just roll my eyes, but now if I see them, I skip right over them as to not get my blood boiling. Life's not fair, and these shows support that statement.

    By the way. I would definitely post your vent to FB to maybe open the eyes of some. Until you've gone through it, or hear another perspective, you never know the other side or how things COULD be...