Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting there....

So I was happily reminded this week that there is an end to this deployment, and it is coming...eventually, I just have to be patient. Happily my friend's husband is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her, even though I know the homecoming is bitter sweet in a way, he is home and at least that is one thing she doesn't have to worry about anymore.

Even though i am so freakin happy for my friend, it makes me very anxious and impatient for my husband's return. I just wish he would have been on the same flight, he leave about a week and a half after her husband, but it looks like he'll go over the year mark by a few days :( But, I guess I can look at it on the positive side, it's not a 15 month deployment, so that's good. I just have to keep telling myself he's coming eventually.

The weather has been f-ing awesome this week. I am so happy, I hope it is really nice when Vinnie comes home, I want him to really be able to enjoy himself.

so, I'm gonna do some bashing for a minute, just to get it off my chest. A girl I know from high school is out here in Washington, her husband is Army. They got a compassion reassignment to here so their son can have better care. That's all fine and well. Then, she starts talking about how he hasn't deployed and has been in for 4 years! are you kidding me? That's crazy! His unit out at Ft. Drum deployed, but he got out of it. she said she called the governor and shiz! I mean, really? Do your f-ing duty, you signed up for this, at a time of war it means you go to war, that's just the way it is. The only people allowed to complain are those doing multiple deployments bc there are f-ing guys out there who haven't done one and people who have done 5! Ridiculous. That isn't even what peeves me though. So, they come out here with the assumption that he won't deploy for a year bc of the CA, well, apparently that's not how it works and he is going to deploy in October, I understand being upset I guess, but if they would have done their homework they would have known this and not expected to get out of it. Anyway, deployments suck, I know it, but don't complain if you've had 4 consecutive non-deployment years together, don't think your situation is special and you deserve special treatment. People deploy under not-ideal circumstances all the time! Vinnie left a month before his baby was due, don't you think he would have liked to stick around? In fact, some guy in the Brigade called around and got a delay in his deployment so he could be there for the birth of his baby (same day as Abigail), I know Vinnie probably could have called around and tried getting a delay, but really, we knew he had to go and what kind of example would he set for his soldiers if he stayed behind? He realized his situation is not special, plenty of wives have babies while their husbands are gone. Also, my friend had a tragedy during this deployment happen to her family, did they let her husband stay behind? No. He did his job, as hard and difficult as it was, the unit wasn't very compassionate or understanding and their situation actually was not typical and things should have been handled differently, but he left because it was his job and this was his 3rd deployment. Yet, we got little whiny boy who I know is at home whining about having to deploy. grrrr. I hate to rag on people, but sometimes, it is needed.

Sorry again. I really am not usually bad like that, but when I think of all the people who go through deployments when circumstances are not ideal and do it multiple times and then you have people who whine because they have to go once after 4 years of service? Ok, I'll go now before I really start looking nasty. I know as an officer's wife i should write like this about people. Good thing only one other person reads this! haha

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  1. Hopefully Vinnie will be home SOON! I can't wait for you guys to have your homecoming! :)

    Also, you know my thoughts on that deployment mess, but even frustrating! I think the Army needs to sift through and put guys like that in and replace those that have seen the sandbox 4-5 times and give them a break!