Sunday, December 5, 2010

Charlie gets a new home! And Update

So it looks like Charlie will be getting a new home! Yay! I'm so happy for him. I hope Yoda can find a new home soon. I know they are being loved and well taken care of and I'm so excited for them. They are going to have great lives now.

Nothing else really going on. We put up Christmas lights. It's looking quite Clark Griswold out there but that's fine with me. I'll have to take a picture sometime. The inside looks nice too. Already picked up a couple presents for Abigail. I'm so glad vinnie is home this Christmas. We are trying to think of traditions we'd like to have in our little family. We have some ideas. I'll share them later since I'm on my phone right now and just don't feel like typing it all out. Well. I'm gettin tired I'll add more later. Just thought I'd do a little update.

***Ok, I'm back, doing a no-no which is bringing the computer in bed with me. I know it is the culprit to my insomnia, but so be it. Anyway, my mom was here for a visit which was super fun. We had a good time, went winter shopping, yay! I didn't have ANY winter clothes being I was at least 40lbs heavier last year this time. Got to see a couple movies while she was here and went out to eat with the hubster for my birthday, so good times. My dad is also coming for a visit next week, so I'm excited about that as well.

So, going to another coffee Tuesday. Look at me, miss social, although I wouldn't go that far. I just am not naturally social unless someone opens up to me first and even then it may not work. There are some people I just naturally connect with, and other well, not so much, but I'm sure that's true for everyone.

As I mentioned Vinnie and I got to see a couple movies, including the new Harry Potter. Now neither of us have ever been Harry Potter enthusiasts or anything, not that we didn't like it, just never got into it. Anyway, thanks to Harry Potter weekend on ABC family and our DVR we are now officially caught up. To tell you the truth, I saw the Half-Blood Prince in theaters after only reading the first book (class assignment) and really I didn't miss much, besides Harry getting beat up and about 6 defense against the dark arts professors. Seriously, does Dumbledore (don't know if i spelled that right) not know how to hire someone of quality for that job or what?

Still wanting to join a gym, still debating. I'm guessing it won't happen because I'm too big a wuss to ask 100 times if I can. Just don't know. I'd like to get back into decent shape before we think about trying for baby #2.

Oh yeah, Christmas traditions. Well, so far the Christmas lights are a go. We want to get a pickle ornament and hide it in the tree. We are going to go to church Christmas eve, I just couldn't imagine not going. I think I'm going to make some cookies and possibly cupcakes for Christmas. Have to read night before Christmas. Christmas morning I think I will do cinnamon buns and possibly some biscuits and gravy. Not sure what else. Probably do a Christmas dinner. Need to watch all the Christmas movies at some point. We wanted to make going to Trans-Siberian orchestra a tradition, but apparently they were here like November 13th. So, oh well.

alright, well if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

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