Monday, December 6, 2010


Ugh, so I have never been good at being able to tell people what I want for Christmas. Mostly because I am not a "wanty" person or what I really want they can't give me or it loses it's charm if I tell them. This drives Vinnie nuts because he is opposite. I think he constantly keeps a list of things he wants and so he cranks out a christmas list very fast. I know then he will get what he wants, but it takes the fun out of it to be honest. I like to show him that I know him well enough to get him something he likes, but oh well I guess, not this year, I have a list. Tonight I have been trying to make a list but it is not easy. It seems dumb to tell someone what to get you. I might as well just go get it myself, it's coming out of the same account. Anyway, I'm working on a list, but I knoe i'm just putting stuff on there that I don't need, so it just seems dumb and a waste of money. In the past I have gotten things like an iTunes gift card, which only he has used once (that was 3 years ago), a portable dvd player (but I have a laptop) so I haven't used that and it is also from 3 years ago, I feel really bad about it. Last year he also got me a lot of charms for my bracelets and that was really nice. Well, I hate stressing about these things, it's just so dumb.

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