Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Thought I'd do some sort of a post about Christmas. It went well, had some fun, but totally drained me.
Well, I was going to upload pictures, but it doesn't want to work so maybe next time.

Abigail got a vacuum and a kitchen and a play tent. Those are by far her favorite toys.

no news on the baby front yet. We shall see. I am still stressed about future names, I know I'm crazy, but nothing I can do about that.

Vinnie really likes the name Jack, as time goes on I like it less and less. I just don't see it as very formal and it seems too simple. I don't know..I mean it's alright, but I love calling Abigail by her full name and Jack just doesn't seem full. I like the name Benjamin, but maybe not enough for a first name. I like the name Alexander, but not Alex. I'm starting the like the name William, will for a nickname. Thing is, Jack doesn't bother me as a nickname, just not a given name. Not really a fan of Jackson, seems too trendy. any opinions out there?

Girls, well, I have a lot of first names. I really am 98% sure I would go with Elizabeth, it's my sister's middle name and my g-g-ma's so that's be nice. Middle name, not sure. My usual naming technique is my own first name and family middle name, but I mess that up with Elizabeth, but I like it as a first name. I don't want to use my other names like Caroline as a middle name, although maybe it'd be better as a middle name since I don't like Carol for a nn that people might give her. Elizabeth Caroline? hmm Also, as I mentioned before, trying to use a form of Mildred somewhere. I could use just Millie, doesn't sound right for a middle name though. I know there are other names that get you Mille as a nickname, Amelia being one of theme. Well, I guess I'll go for now, hopefully I'll be able to put some pics up later.

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