Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, God-willing I hope to have more babies in the future. I am also OCD about baby names. I feel the need to post about it here since I've been spending countless hours trying to find the perfect names. So, to save time I'm just gonna copy an email I sent to Vinnie:

Boy names

I like Jack, but I'm not a super huge fan. I think it bothers me that Jack is actually a nickname for John, although I realize nowadays it can stand alone, it is also becoming very popular. I might get frustrated if/when other people ask what Jack is short for and I have to say he's just Jack, I think that might make me sad. Now we could pick John, which is a cute name, not a huge favorite, but it could be cute and we could call him jack and he could also have more options with his name if he wanted. We could also call him John John. Would it be weird to have a John and Abigail? I don't think people would notice. I always liked Benjamin, it has always been on my baby names lists (except the ones with only A's and E's) but it seemed like a random name, but now I know my dad’s grandpa’s name was Benjamin and now I’m excited. I really super like it,

Middle names: Christopher, Kevin, John, Jack, Benjamin

1. Eli: (I still LOVE eli) Eli Christopher Eli Kevin, Eli Christopher Kevin, Eli Benjamin
2. Benjamin: Benjamin Christopher, Benjamin Jack
3. John "Jack" Christopher, John “Jack” Benjamin, John “Jack” Christopher
4. Jack: Jack Christopher, Jack Benjamin

Girls names

Middle names: Elizabeth, Alice, Margaret, Katharine, Millie, Milly

Elizabeth Jean, Elizabeth Margaret, Elizabeth Katharine (Ellie or Lily), Elizabeth Millie?


I think I like Elizabeth Katharine best, but I’d like to work on more names since I don’t think you like it.I really need to work on some more names. You why I obsess? It's because I don't have any official names yet. I really need to work on girls names now.

I know Caroline Elizabeth sounds kinda nice, but I really want elizabeth as a first name (it is my sisters's middle name and my g-grandma's middle name. I also want to try to work some form of mildred into a middle name. Vinnie's grandma's name was Mildred and neither of us like that name but would really like to honor his grandma by using it in some way. I know there are a lot of names that have Millie as a nickname which is what we may do since she was known as millie.

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  1. CJ is actually Christopher John so I super like the reverse of that! ;-)