Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going home, being alone...

Hello, so it's another few days without the hubster, :( It sucks. I don't sleep well to begin with and when he isn't here it's much worse. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I was looking forward to getting a little nap in during Abigail's nap. Well,, as usual whenever I look forward to anything it doesn't happen. Abigail decided it was a good time to climb out of her crib for the first time. To bad for her, she went right back in (after I turned it around so she could get out) she wasn't happy about it, but she stayed in there until the end up her "down time" and then we went on with the day with a super cranky baby. I was going to take her out shopping and maybe even to the hands on museum, but no way without a nap. Oh well. So now, I'm freakin tired and can't believe it's only 7:45. I hope I can sleep tonight.

In other news, I'm trying to take a break from baby names. Felling good about my top names right now Theodore Benjamin and Caroline Elizabeth.

More news, I'm going home April 6th and staying for 2 weeks. I'm pretty excited about it. I feel bad taking Abigail away from Vinnie for so long, but I guess that's just what has to happen. A lot of my family haven't seen me or her in almost a year. Btw why the heck is this year going by so quickly? Why couldn't that happen last year?

Also, I'm planning my sister's shower, it's going well, it's going to be very different, probably unlike any shower anyone has been to, but my sister is very different. It's 80s themed and it s going to rock. I'd give details, but in case my sister checks the blog I will keep them with me for now, but it's going to be awesome. Well, I'm going to go now byebye!

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