Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well, dad left yesterday, so it's back to normal around here. I really need to clean this place. I've been trying, but Abigail doesn't let me do much, if I start doing something she wants to get into it and then she will get mad and she also gets upset if I close a door and cleaning requires me to open and close a lot of doors so it just isn't worth it to me. I try to clean when she takes her short nap but that is the last thing I want to do during my break, plus I need to eat. I'd clean when she goes to bed, but that's my time watching some TV with the hubs and nothing is worse than when i'm running around cleaning and he's just sitting there on the couch. Damn, I just remembered it'd garbage day tomorrow. Should I get out of bed and do it? Probably, damn, this sucks.

OK, well, I'll do it in a minute. That just totally ruined my night. Anyway, nothing good was on tonight so Vinnie and I decided to play scrabble where he beat me by one point on some junk he was laying down at the end. Plus, he was starting to get grumpy and ready to quit to I let him put a word down that was a brand name and it didn't look right, but I let it go anyway, didn't want him to quit and it turns out it was spelled wrong and he got a bunch of points for it. Oh well, it was still fun.

Alright, well, I was going to write about baby names, but now I got to go do the stupid garbage/recycling while Vinnie slumbers away. Maybe I'll be back to write more.

Ok, I took out the garbage and such. Man, now I'm tired, and hungry. Anyway, no nothing really new on the baby name front. Vinnie won't tell me if he likes Caroline, says he isn't discussing girl names because we are having a boy...ok. He told me he doesn't like Nathan, so oh well. I do like Theodore, and the more I read about it, the more I like it. I just worry because I can't imagine Vinnie as a Theodore, or Theo, or Ted, or Teddy and if we have a boy he could look just like Vinnie. But, I suppose a lot of people wouldn't think he looks like a Vincent either. I think the middle name would be Jack, even though it doesn't sound right to me, maybe one syllable names just bother me. I would use Jackson (after Andrew Jackson) but I don't like the trendiness of it. I think Theodore Jackson sounds better though. On the girl front, I still love Caroline Elizabeth, but Emmalin/ Emmalyn is making a comeback. I just like that name for some reason! hmm, who knows. Hopefully I will have a chance to have another baby so I can actually use some of these names.
I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but Vinnie and I may someday change our last name. Vinnie has no/negative relationship with his dad and we had agreed long before we married that we would take his mother's maiden name upon marriage. However, he and his dad rekindled their relationship right around the time we got married, so we kept the name. That relationship no longer exists and although I can handle the name, I don't like it at all. I mean I spend so much time worrying about first names when my kid/kids will grow up with this name which is normally pronounced in a way that makes it rhyme with penis? I can't stand it! No one says is right and even when they do I don't like it. I remember, the year after I married I had to use my new name in a school with students, I introduced myself and right off the bat a kid said, 'like rhinoceros?" Not a big deal, but I already was uncomfortable with the name. I've learned to deal with it, I don't correct people on the phone or anything, but I know it will be a problem forever. Anyway, we are thinking about changing it, even though it's more complicated now than before (especially since we have Abigail) but our new name would be McMillen and I freakin love that name. I don't even know what states rules to follow to change it since I'm in Washington but a resident of Indiana, so annoying, I should just change my license.
Only about one month until I get to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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