Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just thought about Miles with our last name and it doesn't really work, shoot. Whenever I can't have a name I want it more. Still don't know if we'll ever change our last name. Maybe if we do have a baby on the way we will decide before he/she is born and if we don't change it than that's it, we are sticking with the name we have now. Well, I've been working on baby names like crazy again lately. You've heard most of them before. Alexander is the name Vinnie and I decided on while he was deployed, we both like it, not to excited about any of the nicknames though. Here is my list of the names I would be happy to use, sort of in order:


Theodore Benjamin (Benjamin is my dad's grandpa's name)
Theodore Christopher (Chris is my brother)
Theodore Alexander
Theodore Jack (Jack is Vinnie's fav name)
Theodore Kevin (Kevin is Vinnie's Uncle, god parent and also his brother's middle name and my half brothers name)
Theodore Miles

Alexander Benjamin
Alexander Kevin
Alexander Christopher

Miles Benjamin
Miles Alexander
Miles Christopher

Nathan Alexander
Nathan Christopher
Nathan Benjamin


Caroline Elizabeth (Cara, Linny)
Lillian Elizabeth (Lily)
Emmalin Elizabeth (Em, Emmie)
Emmalyn Elizabeth

Elizabeth Caroline (Lily, Elsie, Lilibeth, Ellie)
Elizabeth Lillian

Yes I'm crazy. I have no idea how I will ever choose a girl name or a boy name even. I know I just need to chill, I'm not even pregnant!

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