Monday, February 28, 2011

Coffee and such...

So, tonight we had a coffee..yay. It was cool though, my new friend here picked me up and then we picked up another girl who she had just met. She is brand new to the Army thing, so she is refreshing, since I've been the newbie for so long. Anyway, she was really nice, looks like we might have a lot in common, so that's cool. She just got her degree in El Ed and is substitute teaching in Dupont and Steilacoom. She said it's really good and not bad at all, but I found myself really not interested in working for the first time in a long time. I think I am finally content being a stay at home mom, I am excited now to really start showing Abigail the world and teach her a lot of new things. I'm still working on the Montessori thing, I think it is helping. We went to the Hands on Childrens Museum the other day and Abigail really liked it, I might get a membership, it's like $75 for the whole year for all of us and we can apply the 25 we spent the other day towards membership, so I think that'd be fun to do.

Well, i'm pretty tired. Have a good night!

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