Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New plan

Ok, so new plan. I think I might volunteer at a school on post. It's a little hard to justify since I will have to pay $4 an hour for child care and not be getting paid, but I need to get some experience and keep my resume updated best I can and still remain flexible. My hope is to be able to work in an actual classroom helping out the teacher with group work or individual students, I know how teachers love and need extra help, and even better if it isn't a parent who is just trying to keep an eye on their kid and get extra parent teacher conferences! Now I just need to decide how much time I want to spend. I figure, I'd like to get a new reference/recommendation so the more time I spend getting to know whoever the better, but again, the daycare comes into play. Maybe a couple hours a couple days a week would be enough?

Another option is to be a teacher's assistant...paid. There are actually a couple of openings on post, the hours are good, not too many, and I'd be paid so I can better justify child care. One opening is only like 3 hours a day which would be perfect. Right now I'm trying to get info on how to apply, it's kinda confusing. I think that could be good though.

Also, I'm going to try to work out on post instead of Globo Gym. I think I can "make it work"

On another note, I finally found a good website where I can find professional development conferences for teachers! I found a freakin awesome one in Washington, not super far away. $125 but it's all about reading and literacy instruction, which would be great and the keynote guy is the main guy we focused on in my final methods class. So, I think I may have to go for that.

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. I need to figure this out, I hate not sleeping, I feel terrible all day and I can't blame Abigail anymore... well, I need to try to get some rest while abigail is relaxing, oh wait nope, she's up

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  1. You can do it! :)

    I say go for the working gig. Maybe even stop by and ask about it in person before your next workout. ;) Come ready with a resume. You never know!

    Very exciting about the conference. I hope it works out for you to go to it!