Monday, September 6, 2010

Still confused

So, yeah, still haven't figured anything out yet, what else is new? It's hard to really try to make any decisions when I don't know where I will be next year. I'm assuming that Vinnie will stay in, even though I know if I told him I wanted him out he'd get out, but I don't know what I want. I think army fits him, his personality, it just seems like a good fit and he's generally happy with it. Plus, he has mentioned to a few people something about the career course which means he'd be staying in, so I'm thinking that is what he wants.

Anyway, I think maybe I have decided to just enjoy the opportunity I have to stay at home, not everyone these days has that as a choice. I just am not that good of a house wife, I can't help but feel like a crappy janitor and terrible cook pretty much everyday. I'm really not good at it and I get into caring for Abigail and all of the sudden Vinnie will be home soon and I haven't done anything and so I feel like I am not contributing anything. I think maybe if I just stop thinking about the job thing and concentrate on being a wife and mom I could do better.

I do need to try to get out more, staying at home is what is driving me crazy. I'd like to start working out again too. We shall see.

I'm wondering if I could find some teacher workshops or maybe even volunteer in a classroom a couple times a week? hmm, that could be an idea, it would get me in the classroom even if I don't get paid, oh well. I should check into that.

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