Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something sweet but sad

This post was originally meant to talk about my indecisiveness BUT I am also watching baby story and I have to share. The people on lost their baby at 35 weeks, reminds me sadly of little Olivia. The baby's name was Estella, Stella for short. Anyway, this couple now makes little care baskets for parents who lose children, it is so sweet, they call it Stella's Angels. I am actually surprised they are willing to film the baby story for TV because of their past, but they are. It's still on, but I am going to go ahead and assume all goes well. I guess they just found out that the cord isn't attached properly to the baby, I hope that doesn't cause any problems. Oh, looks like she is going to be induced at 36 weeks just in case. They are naming this baby Eva which means Life. Ok, well, that's all for now. I'll chat about indecisiveness later...


  1. I need to find THAT doctor. I have yet to find one that's willing to induce early unless there are true signs of trouble. I don't want signs. I want them to just do it for my own peace of mind! :)

    I hope the rainbow baby was a healthy one at the end of that story. I wish they didn't have so many of those on during the day, but I know there are tons of people that love that show. It just makes me cringe when I skim the Comcast TV Guide and it's one baby show after the next, ugh.

  2. I think they induced her because of the cord issue but I'm not sure. If I were you I'd ask to be hooked up to monitors and stay in the hospital the whole pregnancy. Who wants signs? Sometimes signs are too late or misinterpreted! The whole thing just sucks, there is no other way to say it.

    Sometimes i like the shows, I know you wouldn't like them of course, I guess I watch them to get a full range of experiences, I find myself telling people "no you don't have to" on tv, or other things. I guess I get some more options other than my own experience.