Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello again

Just decided to chat to myself here. Ok so I really like the name Caroline, i don't think anyone else likes it. I also like the name Emmalin which not too many people like. I like the spelling Emmeline but that is not pronounced the way i like but it is an actual name, i guess you could say. I just feel kinda weird with a sort of "made up" name, but I sounds almost classic to me, but maybe it's just me. Emma is so popular right now though... I wonder what Vinnie thinks? I should probably ask even though he probably thinks I'm crazy.

I think Caroline Elizabeth or Emmalin Elizabeth sound great.

what do you think? Emmalin, Emmaline, Emmeline, Emmalyn, Emalyn, Emmalynn

It kinda worries me that there are so many spellings. That's what makes me lean toward Caroline, but then you have the pronunciation issue, but I don't mind either Caroline and Carolyn, and I would try to make her ok with either so it wouldn't bother her.

Boy names. I think i still love Theodore. Does it sound too snobby? Does Theodore Jack sound funny? I think i could deal with that. Ok, I guess I"m done being nuts...

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