Wednesday, February 23, 2011

quick update

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. My dad is here for a visit! Yay! So we have been busy, stayed in Seattle a couple of nights, went to the Pike Place Market (again) ate there, then rode the ducks, which was very entertaining and fun, I recommend it. I've done duck rides in the Dells, but this was my first Seattle duck ride. My dad wanted to stay at this place called the Cedarbrooke Lodge (I think that was it) anyway, it's like rated one of the top hotels in the world. well, it was nice, but I wouldn't say it was anything special, they didn't even have a pool. I guess it's more for company retreats, but they didn't even have a pool. One plus was free all you can eat Hagen Dasz (can't spell) ice cream. Well, i'll try to update more later, baby is wanting me. byebye

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