Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Made Dinner Again

I made dinner again tonight, nothing really picture worthy, but it was good

Apparently left over French Dip was the talk of lunch time in B Co, haha.

Nothing much else goin on. Super tired right now need to sleep. I need to get caught up on printing out pictures of Abigail. I haven't printed any since before Vinnie came home! I have so many to print! I need to do it, I like having real pictures around.

I also need to figure out this teeth thing. It just involved phone calls and so that makes me really not want to deal with it. I sent out an email, but heard nothing back, so I guess I just need to suck it up.

Umm, so moving forward with this Montessori type parenting. I am going to order that book tomorrow. I'd like to get two more shelves for Abigail downstairs and start working on a music/art center, complete her language/literacy center and create a math/sensory center. I think it will be great. I really need to keep working with her on practical life things as well, but she is still a little baby to me so it's hard for me to let her grow up and show her how to do things for herself, even though I get very proud when she does anything herself, I get a little sad that she isn't a baby anymore in many ways :(

Well, I am dead tired, but now that I've gotten out the computer I think I have doomed myself. Vinnie is going to the field and so not sure how much more I will see him this week/weekend/next week. Alrighty, time to go. Byebye

Oh, I guess I weigh in tomorrow, don't expect any weight loss, probably a gain!

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