Thursday, February 10, 2011

Names again

So I know I need a real entry but I'm on my phone ready to go to bed so it's not gonna be tonight. Just can't get two names out of my mind.
One is Emmalin which I actually prefer spelling it that way since I hate Ys but anyway I love it. No one in mt family likes it. Vinnie loves it too but is it too made up? It doesn't sound made up to ne because it sounds like Evelyn. I could t name a child that while we are still in the army life bc I know I'd get rolled eyes from army wives. I love the nicknames Em and Emmy, I get so excited when I hear this name on Army Wives, seems likes it's very hated in the baby naming community for some reason, I guess it's considered a made up name, which I don't usually like, but this one I really like. Oh and another small problem is that I have a niece named Emily.

The second name is Caroline. I just love thus name for some reason. I mean I really do. If I went with Caroline Elizabeth it sounds a lot like my sisters name (Carrie Elizabeth ). I'm a little worried that there aren't any good nicknames for Caroline. I don't like Carol, but I suppose care-bear or linny would be ok with me.

I still love Elizabeth as a first name but I'm worried I'll end up calling her lizbeth or Liz just bc it comes natural with that name but I do t like it. I think I'd want to call her lilibeth even though I know it's weird.



  1. I've always liked the name Emmalin/Emmalynn, too. I have a high school friend that named his daughter, Emmaline. This was way before the Army Wives show so there were no assumptions that it came from that. Who really cares, anyways? I mean, if they think you got it from a show or give you eye rolls. That show will only last so long and people will forget. :)

  2. I was looking into Emmaline too, how did she pronounce it? It's funny that I like the "line" in Caroline but not in Emmaline. But, I suppose it isn't too bad. I like it, I'm afraid to use a risky name (you know not like a classic name like Elizabeth)

  3. Ok, so I'm not good at spelling out how something would be pronounced. Emma - lime (but substitute the m with an n?). I've always liked Madaline, and when I heard Emmaline, I immediately liked it since it's that similar sound. Of course, neither of those are in the running anymore if we ever have another girl.