Friday, February 4, 2011

I love it again...

so now I totally love the name Theodore again :) I hope it doesn't somehow get super duper popular since that is one reason I love it so much, it's not way out there crazy but still sort of uncommon. Well, I just thought I'd share that I love it again. I think if we do get to have a boy (my little Teddy) I'm going to deck everything out in Teddy Bears! haha I'm a geek like that. Ok, well, I'll stop bringing everyone into my baby fever. Everyone is having babies and pregnant right now! And all the shows and movies with oh man. It makes me really feel for baby loss mommies, daddies and those who have trouble or cannot get pregnant, when you really start to notice all the babiness everywhere wow, it's nuts, it must be constant heartache for them :(

Well, I guess, I'll go, I'm super bored, Abigail went to bed nicely, I guess bc she didn't nap and the hubs is gone, he may be back at midnight, so, I got nothin to do.

alrighty, byebye

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