Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ahh I love a name!

So I've been up all night really pumped about a boys name. I know it's not everyones style and that's fine but I love it. Ok what is it you ask? Drum roll.........

THEODORE "Theo" for short

I love it! It means gift from God! How perfect! Only one problemo. Guess where I got it? My sister. She is thinking about trying for a baby in a few months so we've been sharing baby names back and forth and last night she said Theo and I fell hard for it and it's not mine! What to do? Maybe her sig nif will veto it? Maybe she was actually suggesting it to me and not saying it as her choice? The email was a little vague. Hmm I'm holding out hope. I havent felt thus excited about a boys name since Eli!

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