Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Possibly a girls' name?

So, last night, I got Vinnie to talk baby names! Yay my most favorite subject! Anyway, we semi-decided on Elizabeth Lillian. I'm still considering Lillian Elizabeth, or other middle names with Elizabeth, but right now, that's the name, I think :) Like I was saying, I like that Elizabeth offers a lot of room for different nicknames and I think it goes awesome with Abigail, same style of name. The name means, God's promise, or God is my oath (vow) which I like. I know as a kid and adult I like to look up the meaning to my name and if it meant disfigured or something I'd probably be a little upset. Katharine means pure, if any of you are curious. Vinnie loves the name Lillian, I also like it, like I was saying I am worried about being able to say it and not having super confidence in it as a first name, but I think it's great as a middle name. The whole name is kind of a mouthful, but I think that's fine, it's very feminine. Elizabeth Lillian, I think I can go for that.

On the boys front, still at a crossroads, no budge on Jack, not even a possible extension to Jackson which I'm not sure I love but I might :) I like that even though it's sort of popular now he would be unique in that he is named after Andrew Jackson. Hmm, with no budge from Vinnie I'm not sure what to do. I'll have to keep on thinking, something will come.

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