Monday, January 3, 2011


So, Vinnie suggested the name Lillian yesterday. hmm, I like the nickname Lily, and I think the name would age well, not sure I can say the name good though if that makes any sense, sounds kinda weird when I say it. It's kinda a risky name too, good chance of hating it and a lot of other people hating it so if I don't love it I will always be nervous about it. It is cute though, I'm trying to get it to grow on me, trying to say it over and over, calling Abigail by Lillian, haha. I like the name Elizabeth, just not a fan of the Lizzy, Liz, Lizard Breath, or Beth. I had a little girl in my class with the name Elizabeth and everyone called her Lizzy but i kept calling her Elizabeth, probably embarrassing her, but that is what she put on her papers and I liked it :)She didn't seem to mind, poor girl, probably tortured her. I have several nicknames I would like to try out for Elizabeth. I like Ellie, Ella, Lilibeth :) and from that I get Lily..I know I stretch. Is it bad to have so many names? haha. I call Abigail keiki sometimes (Hawaiin for baby) yes it was her name before we went there. I also call her Abigirl, Aburger and my dad's favorite gail-abby.

Lillian Elizabeth?
Elizabeth Lillian? (I worry just in case of nicknames, Lily Lillian?

Well, that's my most recent name dilemma, any opinions out there?

On the boys front, Vinnie will not budge on Jack, not an inch, tried to throw Jackson into the ring, but I was vetoed. I still am not sure if I like Jackson, but I like having the option of a longer name.

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