Thursday, January 27, 2011

Need to get back on track

So, ever since I've gotten back to Washington I got a little loose with my Weight Watchers program. The last thing I want to do is gain that weight all back. I didn't gain any weight back until probably after Hawaii. I've been bad and haven't weight myself in a little while but I can safely assume I'm at least 10 lbs up from my goal weight, which means I'm 7 lbs out of my goal range at least. This is disappointing, but it's my own fault of course, I haven't been tracking, or eating healthy at all. It was so much easier back home because I'm usually have oatmeal for breakfast, healthy choice for lunch and chicken with veggies for dinner. I need to just get back to that. I didn't have the junk food like chips as a temptation back home and I had the accountability of having to weigh in each week. Now, I am not going to lose weight if I find out I am with child, of course, but if it's a no-go this month I am going to try to get back to my goal weight and then start attending WW meetings again... They are free for me if I'm at goal because I am a lifetime member. Even if I do get preggo, it would be a great thing to start eating healthy again. I may even try to post what I'm making for dinner..make this blog a little more exciting.
I got this from another blog and I am going to try to use it to keep myself on track. I am going to weigh myself tomorrow and every Thursday now until...forever.

Track my food. I'm def a 0/10 on this one. I haven't tracked in a long time. GOAL This week I will track on my dry erase board.

Stay within my daily points plus earned activity points. Major 0/10 again. I probably go a good 30-40 points over! haha, I think I get about 30 points, I need to take the quiz again bc I'm unsure, but I am really going to try to stick to it this week. GOAL Stay within 30 points

Check off all of my Good Health Guidelines. 0/10 for tracking, I think I do good most days of getting everything I need, besides water, I really need to do better. GOAL drink water bottle full of water twice daily

Get at least 20 minutes of activity every day. 2/10 I do try to do extra activity whether it's walking to the furthest park with Abigail or going up and down the stairs more times than necessary, but I really need to do more. GOAL begin Tae Bo

Eliminate negative self-talk and focus on success. 0/10 Lately I've been telling myself I can't do it, and it's not worth it, but I know it is. GOAL Write a positive note for myself each day

I'll try to keep this blog updated in regards to my WW progress. I have so many new goals/things I want to get accomplished we shall see. I know I can do it.

My motivation quotes:
"Just Do It"- yep it's from NIKE
"Make It Work"- Tim Gunn
"No Excuses" - I'm sure lot's of people have said this.

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