Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Parenting style

Well, I'm pretty tired so I'm not going to go into detail, but I ran across a blog today and it seemed to resemble my parenting style pretty close. I didn't know if I had a parenting style but I suppose it's kinda close to Montessori. Here is the blog:

Now somehow this lady has endless room in her house and if I did then I would totally have Abigail's stuff set up like she has hers. Anyway, I don't think I do things exactly like Montessori teaches, but I guess I'm kinda similar in at least what I'd like to be doing. I'd like to have music stations and craft centers, etc for abigail. We just don't have the room. I do let her explore real life items like the bowls and dishtowels and safe cooking utensils. I also don't mind when she explores our extensive movie collection, photo albums, pictures frames, etc. If she goes to play with something I usually ask myself these things: Can it hurt her? Can she break it easily? Usually it's that simple, if the answers are no, then I let her play. Even if she pulls something out of my drawer that might be too small for her to play with on her own, I will usually let her explore while I watch closely. She will usually move on after a few minutes and no fight or crying had to happen. Some parents might take something small like that and turn it into a big deal causing a super tantrum.

I know I'm still developing and figuring out my parental philosophy. I think I'd like to read up on some things and really get a move on, really get into this mom thing. Here are some things I'd like to get for the house. I wish we had a play room, we don't have much room, but I'd love to have an organization system for her toys and books so she can start seeing that everything has a place.

I wish we had more room on the wall where I could hang things at eye level for her. I put up a poster about shapes and she is always looking at it and pointing at the shapes and we talk about them. I think I could find some room but Vinnie would have to get used to the house looking like a classroom. Well, I'm pretty tired.
One thing real quick, I just want to say that the State of the Union address what great. I really liked when he said to people considering getting into teaching that "your country needs you" There were a lot of highlights, but that stuck out for obvious reasons. The Republican response was very mature and well spoken. Political arguments are always going to be there because there just is a genuine difference in opinion on certain key issues. This is why our political party system developed, there isn't anything wrong with that. People just need to stop questioning peoples motives all the time and understand that the other side is doing what they believe is right, they were voted in and can be voted out if people disagree with them, but they love this country and no matter what side you fall on you want the same thing in the end: A prosperous America and the continuation of the American dream. That probably could have been worded better, but like I said I'm freakin tired. I really did like them all sitting together tonight. I think it really sent a powerful message, maybe it was just me. I think they should mix it up in the House and Senate all the time, but I'm sure that won't happen anytime soon. Well here's to the second half of President Obama's first term, I'm looking forward to seeing what he puts forward for education, defense and what cuts he can get through Congress. I think we need a "Dave" moment!

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