Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Day

So today I decided no TV. This might sound bad but I usually have the TV on all day. Abigail doesn't usually pay attention to it, but lately I noticed that she's starting to, so instead of TV I put it on a music channel that just played classic hits all day and we danced and partied, it was fun.

She didn't take a nap, but that's expected.

I decided to make a trip to a teacher supply store and get a Dr. Seuss alphabet thingy for the wall and I also picked up a poster about shapes. I would have liked to get more but Abigail wasn't having it. I will post pictures later if I remember. I'd like to also get a pocket chart calendar with the weather also (even though it will almost always say rainy). I wish we had a "family room" that we could use as her play room to put all the stuff I want up, but that's alright, I don't mind making our little dining area into a play area.

I'm dead tired and not able to sleep again tonight, but at least I had a good day. Still really excited that I have possible names for future babies (God willing)

Theodore Jack
Elizabeth Lillian

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