Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More name issues

Yes I'm crazy, yes i realize it. Anyway. I really don't think I will find a name I like better than Eli. I mean I love it, always have, it was going to be Abigail's name if she were a boy even though Vinnie's cousin's son was already born. He is 3 now, I believe. I mean, they live in Hawaii, you would think they aren't close but they kinda are, I mean we even hung out with them when we were on vacation, just made me love the name more. What to do what to do. I think I would regret it if I didn't name my boy Eli, but I also don't want him known as "the second Eli, or Eli #2 or Vinnie's Eli" My brother named his daughter Katherine and i guess he purposely spelled it differently to make sure I knew she wasn't named after me..anyway..She goes by Katy and everyone calls her baby Katy so people know they aren't referring to me. We never even see that sweet little girl and yet she comes up in convo alot. How long will she be known as baby Katy? She is like 6 now! I wouldn't mind baby Eli, but he can't be baby Eli forever. Do you think I could convince Vinnie? Do you think it would bother me?

I love it :)

Eli Christopher
Eli Benjamin


  1. I'm no help. James won't go for the middle name I like, because his cousin's son is named another version of that name. That and my sisters always comment on how we have two different cousins that named their sons the same name -- saying why couldn't they have come up with something else? As if the one copied off the other. Drama...

    I say go for what you like assuming Vinnie's game, too.

    Of course, you never know...if you guys have baby #2, it could very well be a girl and then you'd have no reason to fret over boys names. :)

  2. I know, of course if we do get another baby it could be a girl, so then no worries, maybe. I am worried his cousin might think we copied her, but really we didn't. We even told Vinnie's mom that was going to be our name when she told us about him being born. I don't know, maybe I'll just keep boys names up in the air and do a wait and see approach, ha, yeah right, but i can try.