Monday, January 24, 2011

Switching up my name style?

Maybe I just need to step out of my traditional names box? But I love those names. What I want is this: at least a two-syllable name with a good meaning
(either personal or definition, having both is a major plus), old-fashioned, but not super popular but not WAY out there and it needs to have some eligible nicknames. I think that's it, I'm boxing myself in right? So i've thought about branching out, but I'm unsure. I will look a little more but here are some of my branching out names:

My List: mostly meets criteria

Elijah (Eli) "The Lord is My God" - My all time favorite name
William (Will, Liam) I just like it for some reason Liam means "Strong willed warrior" but I think it's way to trendy for me
Benjamin (Ben) "Son of My Right Hand" My great grandfathers name, I just love the name Ben for some reason
Theodore (Theo, Ted, Teddy) "Gift from God" only personal meaning is that my sis suggested it, but I love that it comes with a lot of options

stepping out of the box list: Don't know if I'd actually name any of my children these names, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

(These names have no personal meaning)
  • Carson :son of the marsh dwellers or son of carr, I don't really see any nicknames here
  • Carter: One who transports goods, I just like this name for some reason
  • Calvin: Little bald one, yeah, that's what it means. I really like this name would be tops on my list without the unfortunate meaning, love the nickname Cal (it would almost be a combo of mine and vinnie's name)
  • Henry: ruler of the home, nicknames include Hank and Harry, eh
  • Louis: famed warrior, I like this name for some reason, not sure why
  • Miles: soldier, I like this name but it seems like it's for a little kid, no real nicknames and i say the name kinda funny
  • Nathan: God has given, i like the nickname Nate
  • Isaac: Laughing one, i like this name too, no real good nicknames
  • Landon: long hill, Kinda popular but I like it, nicknames?
  • Owen: young warrior, nicknames?
  • Leland: meadow land, I like the nickname Lee a lot
  • Reece: enthusiasm, i like this name, but I know my brother and dad would comment on it being a wrestler we know from high school
  • Marshall: keeper of the horses, I kinda like this name from How I met Your Mother, nicknames?
  • Warren: Defender, nicknames?
  • Cael: slender, I just like this for some reason

Names with "some" personal meaning
George: farmer, my grandpa's name, his dad's name and up and up, unfortunately it didn't get passed down to his son and his son did not pass it down to his son so it kinda died there. I don't know how my mom would feel about it since she wasn't very close to her dad. But I met a little George about abigail's age and he was so cute, it is the perfect name for a little boy even though you wouldn't think so (i didn't) but no one ever forgot his name, not weird but not that common
Benjamin: see above
Andrew: Manly, I don't really like the name andrew, but I do like Drew, this is Pres. jackson's first name
John: god is gracious, formal version of Jack
Walter: Powerful warrier, Walter payton's name, worried he might get made fun of (Walt Disney)
Bennett: little blessed one, still has nickname Ben and similar to Benjamin

Wow it's like 2 am now, i need to sleep, hopefully I can stop thinking about names. Please give your opinion!

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