Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, tonight Vinnie and I were watching extreme couponing on TLC and now we are convinced we should become coupon people. I mean we never use coupons ever. The last guy was a little overboard but the one lady just bought regular food at safeway which was about $600 and she paid about $3, 4 carts of food. It was awesome. So, I'm signing up for all these sites and I guess I need to get the Sunday paper and we will start with that, I know I won't be an expert right away but maybe after awhile I can be. I need a hobby so maybe this could be it?

On the names front, still clueless, really like Elizabeth Lillian and still not sure on Jack. I realize now that the only boy name I like that isn't connected to family is Eli. I really wish Vinnie's cousin didn't steal it :(

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