Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybe a change?

so, Vinnie has been looking into changing duty stations since we've been here over 2 years. He got an email with possible other locations from his branch manager. We were kinda excited to see Camp Atterbury on the list. It is just south of Indy, talk about close to home! But is that too close? I kinda feel like if I'm gonna have to live far from home it might as well be somewhere somewhat cool, southern Indiana doesn't meet that criteria. Others on the list include Ft. Benning (12-13 hrs from home) Fort Jackson (13 hrs) Fort Dix (13 hrs) and some others as well. I don't know much about any of hose bases but Benning. I wouldn't mind going there. I've heard nice things about Jackson and Dix is so close to so many awesome places on the east coast that I want to see/visit so badly (philly, boston, NY, D.C) So, yep, that's what's up. any opinions out there?

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