Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Name Debate..with myself!

So, Vinnie is in the field this week so I'm trying to keep myself busy, with what else? Baby names!

Ok, so as i've said our original baby name was Eli, and it's taken so I know I should just get over it and move on..sigh. Our second boy name was Alexander. I like that name, I do. I like the meaning also. I'm not big on the name Alex, but I don't really like Abby either so I guess that doesn't matter. I'd be a little concerned about popularity, it is a pretty popular name, but it's a classic, so it's not a trendy popular, if you know what I mean (Brayden, Jayden, Brody) no offense to anyone with those names, to each their own, just not my style. Anyway, I'm thinking I'll keep Alexander in my back pocket if I can't get Vinnie away from Jack. I want Theodore, he wants Jack, so we can compromise on Alexander? Sounds like a game plan. He likes Theo too, so I don't see why he won't budge and just accept it. Also, I see Theo as a dark haired boy, I can't imagine a blond Theodore or Theo. I almost though about making a hair color deal, blond hair Jack or Alexander, Dark hair Theo... but that only gives me 50/50 chance and Abigail is blond.

I love the name Theodore, I do worry a little because it's kinda risky, some people will hate it I know. I think Theo is a good name that can grow old, but maybe that's just me. If Brayden and Brody can grow old so can Theo. I used to think the same way about Ashley and such, can't imagine a grandma Ashley, but when those girls get that old it probably won't seem weird anymore.

Wow, I just heard the funniest thing. It's a recording of LBJ ordering pants, he was taking about how the crotch area is always too tight that he gets cut down there and how he needs more room from the zipper to under his bunghole (his words, no joke) hilarious.

Oh and My sister's fiance looks very similar to Mike Isabella from Top Chef, look at these pics and see if you think so too, granted, Josh is nicely groomed in the engagement photo, if his hair wasn't all smooth i think they'd be twins. I tried to find another pic but he's always wearing a hat.

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