Sunday, January 23, 2011


Finally got the hubs to talk baby names again. Of course he thinks I'm weird that I think about names all the time...oh well. So, Theodore seems like it's officially out. He likes it, but he says not enough for a first name. I'm kinda crushed. I had to give up Eli and now Theo.. :( not cool. Seem like the only name we agree on is Alexander, and I'm not a huge fan of the name, but I suppose it's better than Jack, but Jack had some meaning with it and Alexander doesn't. I don't like any of the nn for Alexander and so I'd embarass the kid by always calling him by his full name or get the eye rolls from parents who think that I think I'm high class so my kid needs a fancy long name. If Jack wasn't so super popular and didn't come with unfortunate teasing possibilities I'd probably like it much more. Sometimes I think I should just cave and make Vinnie happy. I went back to the drawing board and finally found a new name that gave me the same feeling as Eli and now it's a no go. I guess it's back again. It's just so annoying because we had the perfect name..Little Eli, but Vinnie reaffirmed that it wouldn't be a good idea to name one of our kids Eli bc he'd always be #2 on his side... sigh.

Oh and teeth. I'm pretty tired so I don't want to get into it but my teeth got all screwy bc of pregnancy and so I need 11 fillings which the dentist says i can't get metal ones and so I gotta pay 120 bucks a piece for them. Yeah, right! Oh and she doesn't want to put a crown on my root canal bc she said it was a sucky job and it's gonna break so she eventually would need to pull it and put in a replacement (or whatever they do), yeah ok and she said I need my wisdom teeth out even though there is nothing wrong with them. sigh again. I gotta get it figured out, looks like i'll be on the phone a lot on Monday.


Possible solution? Probably can't get Vinnie to buy into it but maybe, maybe we could name a future son Eli bc to my family he is the only Eli and I will talk to Vinnie's side and let them know that he isn't to be called "Vinnie's Eli" or Eli #2 or really baby Eli passed the newborn stage, instead if you need to specify you are talking about "our" Eli you use the middle name, which hopefully would be Christopher. This should make it clear since Eli Kenneth is named after his grandpa. I think I could handle that. Really we NEVER see them, ever, they live in Hawaii for pete's sake. we just happened to hang out with them when we went there. Yes, Vinnie's side will probably give us grief for a little bit, but if I have to I will give them a talking to. Of course out of respect I will probably ask Heather if she would mind if we used Eli. We could possibly go with Elijah too if need be. Opinions?

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